Cake Pops/Balls for Birthday Girl

Apparently I’ve been living in a cave for the last couple years when it comes to Cake Pops and Cake Balls and it seems that college daughter was well ahead of her time since she has made what she calls “cake soup” smashing her birthday cake together since she was small.  Recently someone asked me about making them and I had no clue what she was talking about.  I promised to give them a try and since there was a birthday coming up I decided to do them instead of a cake.  They are simple, but not quite!  The first part is easy, take your favorite cake crush it up in a bowl, add the frosting and smash it together until it is like a paste.  Then comes the time consuming part:  you roll it in balls, chill the balls, put in the sticks, chill the balls again and dip in chocolate, followed by whatever decorating you want to do (for my detailed instructions see here).  The best place to get the full recipe and even a book and video is from Bakerella, the Queen (and maybe inventor) of them.  She even appeared on Martha Stewart’s program and has dozens of really cute ideas for decorations.   I kept these pretty simple, but found a nice cup and tray to put them in.  The Birthday Girl has requested my Hot Fudge Sauce for a present in the past, so I made a batch of that too and put it in a matching but mini-sized cup.