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26 April, 2011

Four-Cheese Risotto with fresh Roasted Tomatoes

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I’m far from vegetarian, but even for me there is nothing like roasted vegetables, especially tomatoes.  What better to go with them than a great risotto?  This recipe is very simple and takes less than an hour, although it does require some serious stirring.  It makes a filling meal or great side dish and the
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29 March, 2011

Thai-Style Chicken with Basil served with Coconut Rice

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After seeing this on the weekly show, I was inspired by a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Thai-Style Chicken with Basil.  I simplified it a bit to use the items I had on hand and for my wimpy taste buds but I’m sure their version would be excellent as well.  It turned out to be
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4 September, 2010

Quick Cherry Almond Rice Pudding

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Again with the theme, but I really like the cherry/almond combination and last night I sort of forgot that son has gone back to school and had lots of rice left over from the meal.    I also had some really nice dried cherries and sliced almonds in the cupboard and an after dinner dessert wish so
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