Bacon Sliders

This is a really simple and quick way to make sliders.  My husband bought one of those “as seen on TV” slider pans at a close out.  I tried it and it worked, but it only did 5 at a time and there was splattered grease all over my kitchen.  This time I decided to grill them just like a regular burger and it was much better.   The homebaked buns really make a difference so please give them a try – with the frozen ones it’s really not much trouble.

Beef and Bacon Sliders with Freshly Baked Buns

8                  frozen dough dinner rolls.

1      lb        ground beef

1/2   tsp      onion powder

1/2   tsp      garlic powder

2      Tbsp   Worcestershire sauce

1/2   tsp    freshly ground black pepper

1/2   tsp    salt

1/2   cup   bacon (cooked and crumbled or packaged real bacon bits)


1   Keeping a package of frozen roll dough in the freezer is a great idea.  You can take them out individually as you need them and can be used in all kinds of recipes.   If you were in a hurry you could use “bake N serve” or frozen baked rolls but these are particularly good and just the right size.

Frozen Dinner Rolls

2   Prepare the number of frozen rolls you will need to rise according to the package directions.

Rolls ready to rise

3   When the rolls have risen, put them in to bake and start preparing the meat.

Rolls risen

4   Mix together the remaining ingredients and form the 8 burger patties. 
5   I prefer grilling, but you can fry them either in a skillet or in one of the “as seen on TV” pans.  I found that pan formed them evenly but only cooked 5 at a time and made a huge splattering of grease that covered my kitchen.
6   Slice the buns and serve your sliders – ready for whatever you want to put on them!  

Servings: 4

Yield: 8 Sliders